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Category :   Calibration Standards : Fluke 8506A - 6.5 digit DMM with thermal RMS AC (8506A)


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Fluke 8506A

Fluke 8506A - 6.5 digit DMM with thermal RMS AC  (8506A)

Product Details

Model  Fluke  8506A   
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Condition Reconditioned
Unit Price $595.00  
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Product Overview
The 8506A Digital Multimeter uses a fast thermal rms sensing technique for measuring ac which very significantly advances the state-of-the-art for ac measurements using a system DMM. It is several times more accurate than the calculating type of true-rms converter and is unmatched by any other DMM. Basic ac accuracy uncertainty is reduced to 120 parts per million, 24 hours for frequencies from 40Hz to 20kHz. ~ 6 1/2-digits ~ DC voltage to 1000 V ~ AC voltage to 500 Vrms


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