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Category : Analyzers :   Spectrum : Agilent HP 71400C Lightwave Signal Analyzer (71400C)


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Agilent/HP 71400C

Agilent HP 71400C Lightwave Signal Analyzer  (71400C)

Product Details

Model  Agilent/HP  71400C   
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Product Overview

The Agilent 71400C lightwave signal analyzer combines Agilent's high-performance microwave and RF spectrum analyzers with a sensitive wide-bandwidth optical receiver module, producing calibrated instrumentation for characterizing semi-conductor lasers, laser transmitters, optical modulators, and detectors.

This system measures modulated light from 1200 to 1600 nM on single mode optical fibers from 100 KHz to 22 GHz.  Optical modulation, noise, and average power are presented on a fully-calibrated display. 

The system is also a microwave spectrum analyzer with all the capability of the HP 71210C. 

The 71400C measures intensity modulation up to 22 GHz and operates over waveltngths from 1200 - 1600 nm.  It can achieve an optical sensitivity of better than -60 dBm.  The analyzer also offers average-power measurement displayed both as a real-time vertical power bar and as a digital readout.  Full calibration of both average power and modulatoin power makes this system a reference receiver for measuring and characterizing optical detectors and receivers. 

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Application Note 71400c op note.pdf