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Category :   Video : Tektronix WFM90 WFM/VCP/Picture /Audio Handheld Scope. WFM 90 (WFM90)


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Tektronix WFM90

Tektronix WFM90 WFM/VCP/Picture /Audio Handheld Scope. WFM 90  (WFM90)

Product Details

Model  Tektronix  WFM90   
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Product Overview

The Tektronix WFM 90 handheld, self-contained rasterizing television waveform/vector/picture/audio monitor. The instrument has a built-in LCD color display device and is powered by batteries or by an AC adapter producing 12 VDC.


  • Rasterized waveforms and graticules are shown on the built-in 4-inch diagonal color TFT LCD display with viewing angle adjustment.
  • Powered by batteries or a DC adapter
  • Menu-assisted monitoring operation
  • Video and audio signal input/output capability
  • Waveform, Vector, Picture, Audio, and Waveform-in-Picture display modes
  • Line Select mode which allows the selection of any single line of video for viewing
  • Time-out mode which shuts off power to the display backlight and/or the instrument when the instrument is not in use
  • Signal level alarm mode for the waveform and audio displays
  • Preset menu to store/recall the front panel and menu setup
  • Instrument readjustment is performed entirely from the keypad
    (the adjustment procedures are located in the service manual)