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Category : Meters :   Multimeters : Agilent HP 3456A 6.5 Digit System Digital Voltmeter (3456A)


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Agilent/HP 3456A

Agilent HP 3456A 6.5 Digit System Digital Voltmeter  (3456A)

Product Details

Model  Agilent/HP  3456A   
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Condition Reconditioned
Unit Price $395.00  
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Product Overview

The Agilent HP 3456A Digital Multimeter is an excellent meter covering a wide range of measurement needs and designed for bench or system use. Operator can select up to 330 readings/second for high speed bursts or as slow as 1 reading every fifteen minutes for periodic measurements. With a high visibility 6 1/2 digit display, measurements of DC Volts, AC rms Volts, Resistance and ratios can be made easily from the front-panel or via the HP-IB input.


  • DC voltage range (full scale) is from 0.1 V to 1000 V in 5 steps
  • AC rms voltage range (full scale) is from 1.0 V to 1000 V in 4 steps (10Hz to 250 kHz)
  • Resistance (2 Wohms or 4 Wohms) range (full scale) is from 100 ohms to 1 Gohm in 8 steps
  • Ratios of DC/DC, AC/DC or (AC + DC)/DC can be made easily and accurately
  • Other features include: 2 ppm stability, 100 nV sensitivity (0.001% accuracy), ohms compensated measurements, memory storage and completely HP-IB programmable


Datasheet 3456A.pdf