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Welcome to AccuSource Electronics!
AccuSource Electronics is committed to providing you with top quality used electronic test equipment at the lowest possible price. By keeping our overhead low and making intelligent targeted acquisitions we are able to sell our products at prices well below our competitors without sacrificing the quality or service you expect from even the highest priced used electronic test equipment dealers. We carry RF amplifiers, logic and spectrum analyzers, signal and logic generators, AC/DC power supplies from HP, Agilent, Ando, Tektronix, Anritsu, and Rohde & Schwarz.
We take great care to ensure that your used test equipment not only works properly, but also looks as good as it functions. Additionally, we supply the operation manual and all other standard accessories with your used test equipment purchase just as if you were buying new test equipment. When you work with AccuSource Electronics, you will be assisted by a test equipment professional. We will help guide you through your buying decision and make the ordering process simple. We offer quality test equipment refurbished to the highest standards as well as fast, friendly service. Give us a try. You won't be disappointed .

Featured Items

Agilent/HP E4407B
Agilent HP E4407B 9 kHz to 26.5 GHz Spectrum Analyzer with opt 1DN, 1AX, BAA, AYX, B72. ESA-E Series.
Sale Price: $13,995.00

Agilent/HP 3458A
HP Agilent 3458A 8.5 digit Digital Multimeter
Sale Price: $3,995.00

Rohde & Schwarz FSH6
Rohde & Schwarz (R&S) FSH6.26 ( FSH626 ) Handheld Spectrum Analyzer 100 KHz to 6 GHz with tracking generator and preamplifier
Sale Price: $6,495.00

JDSU / Acterna MTS2000 / 4126LA
JDSU T-Berd 2000 MTS2000 MTS-2000 with E4126LA OTDR module for 1310 / 1550 nM short-haul qualification.
Sale Price: $2,495.00

Agilent/HP 83623B
HP Agilent 83623B Opt 001, 002, 006, 008 High Power Swept-Signal Generator, 0.01 - 20 GHz
Sale Price: $15,995.00

Agilent/HP DSO5034A
Agilent HP DSO5034A 300 MHz Four channel oscilloscope. 2 GSa/S MegaZoom memory, LXI, USB & more
Sale Price: $3,995.00

JDSU / Acterna T-Berd 8000
JDSU T-Berd 8000 MTS8000 with C8555 transport module for SDH/Sonet up to 10G OC-192 and up to 10GigE
Sale Price: $7,295.00

Lambda GEN300-17
TDK-Lambda GEN300-17 Genesys Gen5000W GEN 300-17-3P208 DC Power Supply. 0-300V, 17A. 5kW. Requires 190-240V 3P input.
Sale Price: $2,495.00

Agilent/HP N5230A
Agilent HP N5230A Option 145 / 010 / 080 / 082 PNA-L Network Analyzer. 300 kHz to 13.5 GHz, 4-Port,
Sale Price: $29,995.00

Overstock Specials

Sunrise Telecom SunSet xDSL Sunrise Telecom SunSet xDSL Handheld DSL Tester with SSXDSL-3 Alcatel ADSL ATU-R Module $495.00
Anritsu MW910C w/ MH955A1 Anritsu MW910C OTDR w/ MH955A1 S.M. Dual Wavelength and Option 01 $595.00
Anritsu MW9070B Anritsu MW9070B OTDR with MW0972B optics. 1310 / 1550 nM Singlemode. Includes optional floppy drive, transit case, keyboard and more. Overstock Special. Normally $3495! $1,495.00
Sage 930A Sage 930A Communications Test Set. Many option packages available for testing T1, analog, signalling, impairments, etc. Option packages start at $495. Call for specific option / pricing. $495.00
RiserBond 3300 Riser Bond 3300 Metallic TDR with dual input, intermittent fault detection & more. Eight distance ranges from 20 to 5000 feet. Overstock Special. Normally $695 $495.00
Rohde & Schwarz SMHU58 Rohde & Schwarz (R&S) SMHU 58 / SMHU.58 ( 835.8011.58 ) - High Performance 100 kHz - 4.320 GHz Synthesized Signal Generator Overstock Special - normally $3995 $2,995.00
Agilent/HP 437B Agilent HP 437B Microwave power meter. Compatible with 848X-series sensors. Overstock special. Regular price $495 $435.00
TTC Fireberd MC6000 TTC Fireberd MC6000 - Metal case version of fireberd 6000A communication analyzer. Overstock special. Normally $795. $495.00
TTC Fireberd 6000 TTC Fireberd 6000 - Communications analyzer mainframe. Interface cards sold seperately. Overstock special Normally $495. $350.00
Boonton 4220A Boonton 4220A RF Power Meter. Sensors sold seperately. Overstock special. Regular price $895. $595.00
Fluke 990DSL Fluke 990DSL - CopperPro Copper Loop Tester with Wideband and TDR options Overstock Special - Normally $1595!! $1,095.00
Laser Precision FF-1200A Laser Precision / GN Nettest FF-1200A FF1200A - Singlemode Dual Wavelength 1310 / 1550 nM with power meter. Overstock special - Regular price $1995! $1,195.00
Agilent/HP 37741A Agilent HP 37741A Handheld DS1 test set. $395.00
TTC Fireberd 4000 TTC Fireberd 4000 specia - Communication analyzer. Less expensive alternative to model 6000A. Interfaces sold seperately. Special offer price without accessories. $295.00
TTC Fireberd 6000A TTC Fireberd 6000A - Communications analyzer mainframe. Select Newer Vintage Models! Special overstock pricing. Buy them while this price lasts!!! Interface cards sold separately. $1,195.00
Agilent/HP 37907A Agilent HP 37907A - Signaling Advisor Mainframe with E7573A T1 Module. Overstock Special - normal price $1495 $795.00
TTC Fireberd 500 TTC Fireberd 500 Communications analyzer. Includes FB531 WAN, and two FB520 T1/Data modules. $369.00