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Category :   Video : Tektronix TSG100 NTSC Television Generator (TSG-100)


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Tektronix TSG-100

Tektronix TSG100 NTSC Television Generator  (TSG-100)

Product Details

Model  Tektronix  TSG-100   
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Condition Reconditioned
Unit Price $295.00  
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Product Overview


  • Simple Yet Functional Test Signal Complement
  • Transmission Test Signal Set (Opt. 01)
  • 8-Bit Digital Generation
  • 1 kHz Audio Tone
  • H or V Rate Scope Trigger Signal
  • DC Power Operation
  • Compact and Lightweight


  • Equipment Maintenance

The TSG 100 is a low cost NTSC Test Signal Generator ideally suited for the maintenance and alignment of video equipment in most television environments.

Standard Test Signal Set

The standard TSG 100 test signal set includes:

  • SMPTE color bars
  • Convergence pattern
  • Multiburst
  • Pulse and bar with window and modulated pulse
  • 5-step staircase
  • Modulated 5-step
  • White field
  • Black burst
Optional Test Signal Set (Not Supplied)

The optional transmission test signal set replaces the standard test signals with the following:

  • NTC 7 composite
  • NTC 7 combination
  • Full field color bars
  • (Sin x)/x
  • 50% flat field
  • 0% flat field
  • Field square
  • Test signal matrix

The test signal matrix consists of equal segments of NTC 7 composite, NTC 7 combination, color bars, (sin x)/x and 50% flat field. This matrix is intended for use with automated measurement sets such as the Tektronix VM 700A Video Measurement Set.

Front and rear panel test signal outputs provide convenient access to test signals for both rack mount and service bench applications.

A front panel scope trigger output is provided for service applications. Horizontal or vertical repetition rate is front panel selectable.

The TSG 100 includes a 1 kHz audio tone generator for continuity and level checks. Level of the tone is user adjustable over a 0 to +8 dBu range. The level 0 dBu is equivalent to 0 dBm in a 600 Ohm environment. Output is on a rear panel XLR connector.

The TSG 100 is housed in a compact, rugged mechanical package and, with DC power operation, is suitable for studio, mobile unit and field portable applications.