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Category : Telecom & Utilities :   Fiber / Optical : Spirent Netcom POS3505As TeraMetrics Module for SmartBits. Tests Packet Over SONET / SDH at OC-48c / STM-16 (POS-3505As)


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Spirent Netcom POS-3505As

Spirent Netcom POS3505As TeraMetrics Module for SmartBits. Tests Packet Over SONET / SDH at OC-48c / STM-16  (POS-3505As)

Product Details

Model  Spirent Netcom  POS-3505As   
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Product Overview

The SmartBits® POS-3505As TeraMetrics modules are scalable performance analysis modules capable of simulating the millions of client/server sessions and control protocols required to fully test Packet over SONET/SDH systems. With the POS-3505As, you can quickly measure all of the key metrics, including true load capacity, latency, and IP frame sequencing using repeatable, industry-standard tests.

  • POS OC-48c (STM-16c), 1-port, single mode, 1310nm, TeraMetrics.
  • Evaluates key performance parameters of POS routers under typical or extreme traffic load conditions.
  • Qualifies POS routers during development, quality assurance, and final regression testing.
  • Tests control plane protocols such as BGP4 (for routing) and RSVP-TE (for MPLS) and analyzes their impact on data forwarding.
  • Dramatically improves the time to market and reduces the risk of failure at the customer site.
  • Performs high load data plane testing while simultaneously stress testing routing protocols.
  • For network service providers, stresses and commissions high-speed POS networks prior to actual deployment.


Datasheet POS-3505AS.pdf