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Category : Power Supplies :   DC : Xantrex XPR60-100 0-60V, 0-100A, 6 kW Programmable DC Power Supply with Power Factor Correction. Requires Three Phase 190-242V input power. (XPR60-100)


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Xantrex XPR60-100

Xantrex XPR60-100 0-60V, 0-100A, 6 kW Programmable DC Power Supply with Power Factor Correction. Requires Three Phase 190-242V input power.  (XPR60-100)

Product Details

Model  Xantrex  XPR60-100   
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Condition Reconditioned
Unit Price $2,995.00  
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Product Overview

Simple, High Power Solution for Bulk Power Applications

The analog-controlled Xantrex 6 kW Series of Programmable DC Power Supplies with Power Factor Correction - (XPR Series) is designed for bulk power applications, where analog functionality is preferred over digital programming. The power supplies are ideal for applications such as burn-in, electroplating, battery charging, and steering magnets. With ¿soft switching¿ technology that ensures low temperature operation and eliminates high voltage transients that stress power transistors, XPR offers a lower noise and a more reliable solution than what has been available in the past.

XPR comes with standard analog control for resistive or voltage programming of the output voltage and current limits, and a straightforward front panel that features a seven segment LED display with several status and alarm indicators, and 10-turn knobs for voltage and current control. The front panel buttons allow users to conveniently set and view the over voltage protection set points, view the output voltage and current limits, enable output shutdown, and offer the flexibility of toggling control of the power supply between the front panel and remote analog control.

Product Features

  • Zero voltage ¿soft switching¿
  • Power Factor Correction (PFC)
  • Remote sense with 5 V line loss compensation
  • Simultaneous display of output voltage and current
  • Automatic Voltage/Current mode crossover
  • Auxiliary status lines for monitoring power supply conditions
  • Remote interlock
  • Parallel connected units for higher power requirements
  • Analog programming and readback capabilities

Protection Features

  • Over voltage protection
  • Over temperature protection
  • Sense protection


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