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New Arrivals
  Mfr Name Model# Description Unit Price Add To Cart
  AEMC 2136.42 AEMC 2136.42 PowerPadŽ III Model 8435 w/4 A196-18-BK $6,095.00
  Agilent/HP 16089B HP Agilent 16089B Kelvin Clip Leads for 4192A, 4194A, 4263B, 4278A, 4284A, 4285A and E4980A $695.00
  Agilent/HP 33220A Agilent HP 33220A 20MHz Function/Arbitrary Waveform Generator $1,550.00
  Agilent/HP 33250A Agilent HP 33250A - 80MHz Function/Arbitrary Waveform Generator $3,050.00
  Agilent/HP 3577A Agilen HP 3577A - 5 Hz to 200 MHz Network Analyzer with .001 Hz resolution. $2,195.00
  Agilent/HP 3708A Agilent HP 3708A - Noise and Interference Test Set $1,595.00
  Agilent/HP 4263B Agilent HP 4263B - 100Hz to 100kHz LCR Meter. 1% basic accuracy $1,895.00
  Agilent/HP 4934A Agilent HP 4934A - Analog Transmission Impairment Measuring Set (TIMS) DC-110 KHz. Front cover sold separately. $695.00
  Agilent/HP 5347A Agilent HP 5347A - Portable Microwave Counter / Power Meter. DC - 20 GHz with Option 006 Sensor sold separately. $1,195.00
  Agilent/HP 58503B Agilent HP Symmetricom 58503B - GPS Time & Frequency Receiver $1,995.00
  Agilent/HP 58503B Agilent HP Symmetricon 58503B w/ opts 001 & 002. Time + Frequency receiver with optional front panel display + 1PPS/1PP2S output $3,395.00
  Agilent/HP 58503B Agilent HP Symmetricom 58503B / 001 GPS Time & Frequency Receiver with optional front panel display $3,295.00
  Agilent/HP 8350B Agilent HP 8350B - Sweep Oscillator Mainframe $495.00
  Agilent/HP 83592B Agilent HP 83592B / 002 - RF Plug-in for the Agilent 8350B, 10 MHz to 20 GHz, w/ opt 002 step atten $2,995.00
  Agilent/HP 85024A Agilent HP 85024A - 300 kHz - 3 GHz High-Frequency Probe $1,195.00
  Agilent/HP 85081B Agilent HP 85081B - 100 kHz - 1 GHz Input Module for HP 8508A $1,995.00
  Agilent/HP 8508A Agilent HP 8508A - Vector Voltmeter Mainframe. Plug-in modules sold separately. $695.00
  Agilent/HP 853A Agilent / HP 853A Spectrum Analyzer Digital Display (RF Plug-in Sold Separately) $450.00
  Agilent/HP 8559A Agilent HP 8559A .01 to 21 GHz portable spectrum analyzer. Simple 3 knob operation. Digital storage. $1,195.00
  Agilent/HP 8593E HP Agilent 8593E Spectrum Analyzer. 9 kHz to 22 GHz $4,995.00
  Agilent/HP 8903B Agilent HP 8903B 20 Hz to 100 kHz Audio Analyzer $1,049.00
  Agilent/HP 8921A Agilent HP 8921A Radio Communication Service Monitor $2,895.00
  Agilent/HP 89431A HP Agilent 89431A 2 MHz to 2.65 GHz RF Downconverter. Converts an 89410A Vector Signal Analyzer to an 87441A VSB/QAM Signal Analyzer. $1,150.00
  Agilent/HP E4407B Agilent HP E4407B -1DR,1D5,A4H,AYX,AYZ,BAA. 9 kHz to 26.5 GHz Spectrum Analyzer. ESA-E Series. $13,995.00
  Agilent/HP E6000C-E6003B-E6006A HP Agilent E6000C OTDR with E6003B Optics. 1310 / 1550 nM. 40 dB / 39 dB dynamic range. W/ 6006A power meter, opt 003 color display. $2,795.00
  Agilent/HP E6000C-E6008B-E6006A HP Agilent E6000C OTDR with E6008B Optics. 1310 / 1550 nM. 45 dB / 43 dB dynamic range. W/ 6006A power meter, opt 003 color display. $3,295.00
  Agilent/HP Option 011 or 051 for 8903B Agilent HP Option 011 or 051 CCITT filter for 8903B $95.00
  Agilent/HP Option 013 or 053 for 8903B Agilent HP C Message Filter Option for 8903B $95.00
  Agilent/HP Option 021 Agilent HP GPIB Interface for 859X E Series Spectrum Analyzers. Sold Installed only. $200.00
  Ameritec AM-44 Ameritec AM44 - Personal VF Test Set $595.00
  Anritsu 15NDF50-1.5C Anritsu 15ND50-1.5C Armored Test Port Cable. 1.5 Meter N Male to 7/16 DIN Female 6.0 GHz $295.00
  Anritsu 5400-71N50 Anritsu 5400-71N50 RF Detector. 1 MHz to 3 GHz, N (m) input connector, 50 Ohms. This is used with the SiteMaster Option 05. $295.00
  Anritsu MG3691A Anritsu MG3691A-03 High Performance 2-8.4 GHz Microwave Signal Generator with opt 3 ultra low phase noise. $2,995.00
  Anritsu MG3692A Anritsu MG3691A-03 High Performance 2-20 GHz Microwave Signal Generator with opt 3 ultra low phase noise. $8,995.00
  Anritsu MG3692A Anritsu MG3691A-03-05 High Performance 10 MHz - 20 GHz Microwave Signal Generator with opt 3 ultra low phase noise. $11,995.00
  Datum Exactime 6010 Datum Exactime 6010 - Symmetricom GPS Time code and frequency standard. 9390-6010. Includes GPIB option -14A. ( ET6010 ) $1,495.00
  Datum Option 06A Datum Symmetricom Option 06A 1 MHz Sinewave shaper for exactime 6000 products sold installed only. $195.00
  Datum Option 07A Datum Symmetricom 5 MHz Sinewave shaper for exactime 6000 products sold installed only. $195.00
  Dynatel 2273 Dynatel 2273 - Buried Cable & Fault Locator. Transmitter / Receiver Set. Four Frequencies Plus 50/60 Hz Passive Power Mode. A-Frame Sold Seperately. $1,995.00
  EXFO FTB-1402-VFL-54 EXFO FTB-3920 FTB-3922-12D-74 Multitest Module Optical Power Meter 850 / 1300 nM FasTesT + VFL. $995.00
  EXFO FTB-1402-VFL-54 EXFO FTB-1400 FTB-1402-VFL-54 Multitest Module Optical Power Meter + VFL. $495.00
  EXFO FTB-720 / FTB-1 EXFO FTB-1 with FTB-720-12CD-23B Quad wavelength singlemode / multimode OTDR. 850 / 1300 / 1310 / 1550 nM. $4,995.00
  EXFO FTB-7212 EXFO FTB-7212 FTB-7212D-74 Multiode 850 / 1300 nM OTDR Module for FTB-300. $1,495.00
  EXFO FTB-7323B EXFO FTB-7300 FTB-7323B-91 Singlemode 1310 / 1550 nM OTDR Module. $895.00
  EXFO FTB-9100 Exfo FTB-9100-01-12-B-54 Optical Switch Module. 1x12 for singlemode 9/125 uM fiber with SC/PC adapters $1,195.00
  Fluke 990DSL Fluke 990DSL - CopperPro Copper Loop Tester with Wideband and TDR options Overstock Special - Normally $1595!! $995.00
  Fluke 990DSL Fluke 990DSL - CopperPro Copper Loop Tester with Wideband, TDR, and NSA options. $895.00
  Hipotronics 707.5-5 Hipotronics 707.5-5 AC Dielectric Test Set. 0-7.5 kV. 750 mA, 5 kVA, $2,995.00
  IFR 2025 IFR 2025 opt 03,04 9 kHz to 2.51 GHz portable signal generator with High Power and OCXO options. $2,495.00
  IFR 6970 Aeroflex / Marconi / IFR 6970 Handheld RF Power Meter with opt 001 Power Reference, Battery Powered, 30 kHz to 46 GHz depending on Sensor (sold seperately) $1,095.00
  JDSU / Acterna HST-3000-CAR2A JDSU / Acterna HST3000 - Color Display with CUADSL2-TX ANXA SIM. See options below. $1,995.00
  Lambda GEN400-25 Lambda Genesys GEN400-25-3P208 DC Power Supply. 0-400V, 25A. 10 kW. Requires 3P 208V input. $2,995.00
  Magna-Power XR160-12 Magna Power XR160-12 DC Power Supply. 0-160V, 12A, 2 kW. Requires 208V AC 3-Phase input power. $1,295.00
  Pearson 101 Pearson 101 Wideband Current Transformer / Pulse Transformer .01V / A. 250 kHz - 4 MHz $435.00
  Pearson 3525 Pearson 3525 Wideband Clamp-On Current Transformer, .1 V/A, 5 Hz to 15 MHz $695.00
  Power Designs Inc. TP343B Power Design Inc. TP-343B Triple Output DC Power Supply $335.00
  Radiodetection Coupler Radiodetection Coupler 4" inductive clamp for RD4xx transmitters. $150.00
  Radiodetection RD400PDL2 w/ RD433HCTX2 Radiodetection RD400PDL2RD433HCTX2 - Precision Pipe / Cable Locator with multifrequency transmitter. 50 Hz powerline frequency. Includes EMS Marker Locator. $1,795.00
  RiserBond 1270A Riser Bond 1270A Metallic TDR Cable Fault Locator optimized for both COAX and twisted pair testing. $1,895.00
  RiserBond 3200 Riser Bond 3200 - Coaxial Metallic Time Domain Reflectometer $795.00
  Sunrise Telecom MTT Sunrise Telecom Sunset MTT. Module sold separately. $695.00
  Sunrise Telecom MTT Sunrise Telecom - Sunset MTT Color Display Mainframe. Module sold seperately. Compatible with most modules. $895.00
  Sunrise Telecom MTT-ACM Sunrise Telecom - Sunset MTT-ACM Color Display Mainframe with Copper Features. Module sold seperate $1,195.00
  Sunrise Telecom SSMTT-19 Sunrise Telecom SSMTT-19 ADSL2+ ATU-R Module for MTT test sets. $289.00
  Sunrise Telecom SSMTT-38 Sunrise Telecom SSMTT-38 SDH / Sonet Module. Tests 1.5M, 2M, 34M, 45M, 52M electrical plus optical rates up to 2.5G optionally. $995.00
  Sunrise Telecom SSMTT-41V Sunrise Telecom SSMTT-41V VDSL2 VTU-R Module for MTT handset (sold separately) $695.00
  Sunrise Telecom SSXDSL-14 Sunrise Telecom SSXDSL-14 - G.SHDSL / HDSL2 Module for Sunrise XDSL and MTT mainframes. $249.00
  Sunrise Telecom SSXDSL-8 Sunrise Telecom SSXDSL-8 - Dual T1 Module for Sunrise XDSL and MTT mainframes. $595.00
  Sunrise Telecom SSXDSL-9U Sunrise Telecom SSXDSL-9U - Datacom / 4W-DDS Module for Sunrise XDSL and MTT mainframes. $995.00
  Sunrise Telecom Sunset OCx Sunrise Telecom Sunset OCx Handheld Test Set configured for testing DS1 to OC12C. Color screen. $2,095.00
  Sunrise Telecom Sunset T10 Sunrise Telecom T1 test set with Options C, D, E, I, L, Q. $1,350.00
  Tektronix 1502B Tektronix 1502B - Metallic TDR Cable Tester, ultra high resolution - up to 2000 ft. $2,295.00
  Tektronix AM503S Tektronix AM503S - Current Measuring System - DC to 100 MHz / AM503B-A6302-TM502A Contact Sales
  Tektronix FG502 Tektronix FG502 Function Generator Plug-In for TM500 series mainframe (sold separately). .1 Hz to 11 MHz. $295.00
  Tektronix SG505 with Opt.02 Tektronix SG505 with Option 02 Ultra-Low Distortion Oscillator. 10 Hz to 100 kHz $595.00
  Tektronix SP232 Tektronix SP-232 Serial Extended Function Module $995.00
  Tektronix TDS694C Tektronix TDS694C Opt 1M, HD Four Channel, 3 GHz, 10 GS/s Digital Storage Oscilloscope $2,995.00
  Tektronix TM515 Tektronix TM515 Traveler Mainframe (portable) holds up to five plug-in instruments. Includes front / rear covers. $135.00
  Tektronix Y400 Tektronix Y400 / opt FD - NetTek Analyzer Platform for Cellular Base Station Analysis and more. Requires Measurement Module Sold Seperately. $1,995.00
  Tektronix YBA250 Tektronix YBA250 - 25 MHz to 2.5 GHz Antenna and Transmission Line Analyzer . $995.00
  Tektronix YBT250 Tektronix YBT250 - Base Station Test Set for NetTek Analyzer, 30 - 2500 mHz, Options EM1,IN1,IR1 $1,495.00
  Tektronix YT-1 Tektronix YT1 Chart recorder for Tektronix 1502B/C, 1503B/C. Only sold with mainframe. $450.00
  TTC 2109 TTC 2109 - Copper analyzer module for testpad 2000 (not included). One button testing for all copper services. $895.00
  TTC 41400 TTC 41400 - RS-449/mil-188/EIA-530 interface adaptor for fireberd analyzer. $3,250.00
  TTC T-Berd 2310 TTC Acterna T-Berd 2310 Comm Analyzer with Color display for testing DS1 through OC-12. Loaded opts $3,295.00
  Voltech PM3000A Voltech PM3000A (PM3000ACE) Single Phase Power Analyzer. $1,995.00
  Voltech PM3000A Voltech PM3000A (PM3000ACE) Three Phase Power Analyzer. $4,495.00
  Xantrex Opt MIA Xantrex Opt Xantrex Opt MIA: ISOL interface card provides isolated analog control and readback for XHR series supplies: ISOL interface card provides isolated analog control and readback for XHR series supplies $150.00
  Xantrex XFR12-220 Xantrex XFR 12-220 - DC Power Supply 0 - 12V, 0 - 220A. 2600W withGPIB option. Requires 190-250V AC input power. $1,395.00