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New Arrivals
  Mfr Name Model# Description Unit Price Add To Cart
  Agilent/HP 16089B HP Agilent 16089B Kelvin Clip Leads for 4192A, 4194A, 4263B, 4278A, 4284A, 4285A and E4980A $695.00
  Agilent/HP 33220A Agilent HP 33220A 20MHz Function/Arbitrary Waveform Generator $1,550.00
  Agilent/HP 33250A Agilent HP 33250A - 80MHz Function/Arbitrary Waveform Generator $3,050.00
  Agilent/HP 33509B Agilent Keysight 33509B Waveform Generator, 20 MHz, 1-Channel $1,195.00
  Agilent/HP 346B Agilent HP 346B - Noise Source 10 MHz to 18 GHZ. 3.5 mm connector $1,395.00
  Agilent/HP 3577A Agilen HP 3577A - 5 Hz to 200 MHz Network Analyzer with .001 Hz resolution. $1,995.00
  Agilent/HP 3585B Agilent HP 3585B - 20 Hz to 40 MHz spectrum analyzer with tracking generator. $2,895.00
  Agilent/HP 4263B Agilent HP 4263B - 100Hz to 100kHz LCR Meter. 1% basic accuracy $1,895.00
  Agilent/HP 4934A Agilent HP 4934A - Analog Transmission Impairment Measuring Set (TIMS) DC-110 KHz. Front cover sold separately. $695.00
  Agilent/HP 6030A Agilent HP 6030A 0 - 200V, 17A, 1000W DC Power Supply. Autoranging. $1,695.00
  Agilent/HP 6031A Agilent HP 6031A 0 - 20V, 0 - 120A, 1064W Autoranging Power Supply Single Output $1,295.00
  Agilent/HP 83017A Keysight Agilent 83017A Micrrowave System Amplifier. 500 MHz to 26.5 GHz $4,995.00
  Agilent/HP 85024A Agilent HP 85024A - 300 kHz - 3 GHz High-Frequency Probe $1,195.00
  Agilent/HP 8648C Agilent HP 8648C Synthesized Signal Generator, 9 kHz - 3.2 GHz $1,695.00
  Agilent/HP 8903B Agilent HP 8903B 20 Hz to 100 kHz Audio Analyzer $1,049.00
  Agilent/HP 8921A Agilent HP 8921A Radio Communication Service Monitor $2,895.00
  Ameritec AM-48 Ameritec AM48 Handheld TIMS Test Set $1,495.00
  Ameritec Option RS-232 Ameritec RS-232 option for AM5XT-series units. $200.00
  Anritsu 15RNFN50-1.5R Anritsu 15RNFN50-1.5R Test Port Cable Armored, 1.5M N-Male to N-Female, 6GHz, RoHS $295.00
  Anritsu S331E Anritsu S331E Sitemaster Cable and Antenna Analyzer: 2 MHz to 4 GHz $5,295.00
  Astro-Med DASH8N Astromed DASH8N Astro-Med DASH-8N Eight channel chart recorder with isolated (guarded banana) inputs $1,995.00
  Boonton 4232A Boonton 4232A 2-channel RF Power Meter. High Accuracy & Speed 10kHz to 100GHz Depending on Sensors Sold Seperately $1,395.00
  Boonton 4532 Boonton 4532 Peak / CW Power Meter. Two Channel. Sensors sold separately. $3,495.00
  Boonton 51071 Boonton 51071 Power Sensor. 10 MHz to 26.5 GHz. -70 to +20 dBm. $495.00
  Boonton 51072 Boonton 51072 Power Sensor. 30 MHz to 40 GHz. -70 to +20 dBm. $995.00
  Fluke 5102B Fluke 5102B - Meter calibrator. Same as 5100B, but with improved chasis to prevent damage during transit. Option 3 & 5(IEE488, and wideband ACV)included. Newer style front panel. $2,995.00
  Fluke 8921A Fluke 8921A True RMS AC Voltmeter. 10 Hz to 20 MHz. $495.00
  Fluke 8922A Fluke 8922A True RMS AC Voltmeter. 2 Hz to 11 MHz. $495.00
  Gigatronics 16936 Wavetek Gigatronics 16936 - 750 MHz to 18.5 GHz Power Sensor for 8501, 8501A, 8502, 8502A meters. $695.00
  Hipotronics HD115 Auto Hipotronics HD115 AUTO 0 - 15 kV DC / 0 - 12.5 kV AC Hipot with Dwell timer. Overload sensitivity 0.5 mA to 5.5 mA $2,495.00
  JDSU / Acterna HST-3000C JDSU / Acterna HST3000C Monochrome Display loaded with copper options. Sim sold separately. $1,295.00
  JDSU / Acterna VDSL-CX/WB2 Acterna JDSU HST-3000 VDSL-CX/WB SIM Wideband Copper and VDSL (Connexant) Testing in the HST-3000 $395.00
  Keithley 6517A Keithley 6517A Electrometer / High Resistance system. Measure up to 10 E-16 ohms. $3,895.00
  Lambda GEN40-125 TDK-Lambda GEN40-125 Genesys Gen5000W GEN 40-125-IEMD-3P208 DC Power Supply with multi drop GPIB option. 0-40V, 125A. 5kW. Requires 190-240V 3P input. $2,595.00
  Magna-Power XR160-12 Magna Power XR160-12 DC Power Supply. 0-160V, 12A, 2 kW. Requires 208V AC 3-Phase input power. $1,295.00
  QuadTech Guardian 1030 Quadtech Guardian 1030 AC/DC/IR Hipot Tester. Up to 6kV, 10mA DC, 5KV, 30mA AC, $2,095.00
  RiserBond 1270 Riser Bond 1270 Metallic TDR Cable Fault Locator optimized for both COAX and twisted pair testing. $1,695.00
  RiserBond 1270A Riser Bond 1270A Metallic TDR Cable Fault Locator optimized for both COAX and twisted pair testing. $1,895.00
  Sorensen XHR 20-50 Xantrex Sorensen Ametek XHR20-50 DC Power Supply for 0 - 20V, 0 - 50A, 1000W. Benchtop size. $795.00
  Sunrise Telecom MTT Color Sunrise Telecom - Sunset MTT Color Display configured for T3 / T1 testing with SSMTT-24 module $1,595.00
  Sunrise Telecom MTT-ACM Sunrise Telecom - Sunset MTT-ACM With SSMTT-19A Color Display Mainframe with Copper Features and ADSL2+ module. $1,195.00
  Sunrise Telecom MTT-ACM Sunrise Telecom - Sunset MTT-ACM Color Display Mainframe with Copper Features. Module sold seperate $1,195.00
  Sunrise Telecom SSXDSL-14 Sunrise Telecom SSXDSL-14 - G.SHDSL / HDSL2 Module for Sunrise XDSL and MTT mainframes. $249.00
  Sunrise Telecom Sunset 10G Sunrise Telecom Handheld SONET / SDH test set for OC3 / STM1 to 10G / OC192 $2,795.00
  Sunrise Telecom SunSet E20 Sunrise Telecom SunSet E20 Telecommunication Handheld Analyzer for testing E1, NX64, Euro ISDN, frame relay & more! $2,095.00
  Tektronix 1502C Tektronix 1502C - Metallic TDR Cable Tester, ultra high resolution - up to 2000 ft. Battery option included. $2,695.00
  Tektronix A6302 Tektronix A6302 Current Probe. DC - 50 MHz. Up to 20A continuous / 50A peak. $495.00
  Tektronix AA501 Tektronix AA501 modular distortion analyzer. Mainframe sold separately. $695.00
  Tektronix P6015A Tektronix P6015A High Voltage Probe $1,395.00
  Tektronix SP232 Tektronix SP-232 Serial Extended Function Module $995.00
  Tektronix YT-1 Tektronix YT1 Chart recorder for Tektronix 1502B/C, 1503B/C. Only sold with mainframe. $450.00
  TTC Option PR-45 TTC PR-45 - Thermal printer option in front cover for Fireberd 4000 or 6000A. $235.00
  Voltech PM1000+ Voltech PM1000+ Wattmeter - Power Analyzer $1,695.00