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About US

AccuSource Electronics, Inc. is a small, veteran-owned refurbished test equipment dealer located just outside of Atlanta, GA.


We pride ourselves in providing the highest quality reconditioned test equipment available.  Other dealers may charge higher prices, but for the best quality, value, and service AccuSource is your clear choice.  


For many years our principal business base was wholesale transactions with other test equipment dealers, then we decided to extend our quality and value to the end-user market as well.  This decision has met great success and we are pleased to be doing business regularly with hundreds of end-use clients located all around the world.  Just because our prices may seem "too good to be true", do not doubt that you will receive the product quality and professional service that you would typically expect at much higher prices.


When you work with AccuSource, you will deal with a knowledgeable test equipment professional, not a sales clerk.  Our more than 100 years of combined technical knowledge allows us to explore our customers needs and often find solutions that save them  time, money and frustration.  Most of our competitors will send your call to a non-technical salesman that does not have the necessary knowledge to provide this level of service.


The heart of our Reconditioning process is that we believe when you purchase used test equipment it should not only function like new but it should also be spotless in appearance and come with all the necessary accessories.  Other suppliers of test equipment may occasionally match or even beat our prices but do not generally supply the complete standard accessories or provide our high level of attention to the cosmetic condition.  With these suppliers you take your chances, if they receive a unit in poor condition they typically send it out in poor condition. We operate differently, everything we send out is in great condition!  If we can't make it meet our high standards, we will scrap it or sell it on eBay with the defects clearly described.


Additionally, we believe your purchase should be easy and stress-free.  We offer several payment options including liberal credit terms.  We work with you to accommodate your shipping preferences, and let you know if there will be any delays.  We stand behind all our pre-owned instrumentation sales with a standard 90 day warranty and an unconditional ten day right of return if you are not satisfied.


Finally, we believe that if we provide a quality product and great service at a reasonable price we will earn your return business.  Call or email us today and see for yourself?..you won't be disappointed!


AccuSource Electronics, where "Quality" still means Quality !



qual·i·ty / [kwol-i-tee]


·         of or having superior quality.

·         producing or providing products or services of high quality or merit

·         marked by a concentrated expenditure of involvement, concern, or commitment


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