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We Buy

Whether you have one item or a warehouse to liquidate, AccuSource Electronics can offer a program to turn those unused test equipment assets into cash.

Cash Purchase
We offer a fast, fair cash price for late model test equipment. Call, email, or fax your equipment list. We can generally make an offer within just a few minutes.

If you have test equipment needs as well as surplus inventory, we can take your surplus equipment and give you a great trade-in value toward your purchase.

For higher value equipment or large batches, we can maximize the recovery of your investment by marketing your equipment for a percentage of the sale price. This is not a one size fits all solution. Our professionals will take a look at your specific situation. After we assess your equipment and needs, we will design a custom marketing program to meet those needs.

Unlike most asset liquidators, we add value to the equipment we consign by testing, repairing if necessary, cleaning, refurbishing, adding accessories, manuals, and a warranty. We provide a higher level of service than typical asset remarketers because these services make the equipment sell for a higher price. It's good for you, and it's good for us also.

As test equipment professionals, we don't make the mistakes that cost you money. We buy equipment almost daily that was sold incorrectly. Often sellers misidentify a product, don't list the correct options, don't know which items should be sold together or separately, and a host of other mistakes caused by a lack of knowledge about test equipment. These mistakes are easy to make, extremely common, and very costly to the seller who never even realizes that he just lost hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

Whatever your needs, we can work with you to recover fair value for your surplus test equipment assets. Contact us today and let us make you an offer.